A Rant On Meditation

I need to share my experiences with meditation for anyone who is interested. For those of you who have already read that first sentence and snickered to yourself, this isn’t for you, stop reading and go back to scrolling mindlessly through Facebook : ) This is for the people open minded enough to be interested in what I am going to say and the people who can and want to change their life for the better, so if this post can even help one person to do that, that’s all I really care about. Meditation was introduced to me during a rough time in life, i was having severe anxiety and panic attacks with little direction in life, a lot of confusion, “feeling stuck”, meaninglessness, and dissatisfaction.

When i first started doing it, I thought it was pretty stupid and I thought the people that did it were obnoxious and just fooling themselves, living in delusion. But I didn’t give up, I made a commitment to mediate at least 20 minutes a day for a month. Over that month I had one session in particular that really stood out to me and changed my life, I can’t go into it in words because it was indescribable and after that session I knew meditation was the real deal, all the other junk that is thrown at us, telling us it will make us happy, didn’t hold a flame to this practice. I mean if you think about it you are carrying around this sponge in your skull all day, it generates your thoughts, moods, feelings, perceptions, EVERYTHING. You might as well get to know it a little bit. It says a lot that most people can’t sit with themselves without distractions for 10 minutes, no wonder we are so distracted and anxious! Meditation has changed my life and happiness levels 100X, and if you think it is delusion or “hippy woo-hoo” I couldn’t care less.

Life has meaning now, beauty, people are beautiful, everyday is a gift, even the terrible ones, even being angry or tired, that is still an amazing thing if you think about it. Life is short, really short. It shouldn’t be spent chasing superficial highs and dopamine rushes, but learning about and mastering yourself and living through love.

The biggest thing I learned from meditation is just how much of an illusion fear is, and how much we truly limit ourselves because of it, also, everything you ever need in life is within, I know this is said a lot but to hear it and to understand it are 2 very different things. In the end we are trying to protect ourselves, but sometimes it is very rewarding to break through that shell and tell your fear, anxiety, depression, to, politely, bug off. That is freedom, that is happiness, not some stupid material thing or Instagram likes, can you take any of that to your grave?

I started 2.5 years ago and now meditate 100 minutes a day and only hope to keep going at it more, and heck yeah I am proud of myself. I am proud for beating (most) of my demons (work in progress) and pushing through when i could’ve watched TV or got drunk. It has changed every aspect of my life and how I live it from diet, books, exercise, thought patterns, self-love, also I must mention with the help of some psychedelics (used smart, legally and safely) but maybe i’ll save that for another post. I hope this can inspire at least one person to begin a meditation practice and I know I am promising a lot here but they key is patience and consistency. I guarantee you won’t regret it. The App Calm or Headspace are great places to start. Cheers and love ❤

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