7 Ways To ReWire Your Brain for Happiness

Our brains are crazy things, they are these highly energized sponges that live in our skulls that analyze and evaluate everything that happens, all the time. They can make us feel complete bliss, and they can make us feel complete misery. Sometimes it can feel as though we are subjects to our minds and their particular mood that day. Like we have little to no control over what is going on in there and just have to sit back and watch the show, whether we like it or not.

Luckily, there can be a solution to this madness. While we might not have much control over how our brain feels on a certain day, we can influence it’s functioning and our peace with that. It is very important what we put into this sponge, from what we watch, thoughts we agree with, things we eat, media we enjoy, and even things we release from our bodies and minds such as sex. The best thing we can do is challenge our minds. When you challenge your mind, it grows, when you are in uncomfortable or painful situations, your mind learns. It can suck, but nothing is more rewarding than beating your own demons.

Why Re-Wire Your Brain?

Look , life is very short. The chance that you are here breathing and seeing is the definition of a miracle. People who say life is meaningless, pointless, etc are frankly stupid. That is a stupid thing to say. I mean how can you look around and think all of this is pointless, I am not speaking on a spiritual level of god existing or some higher purpose, but you are a living breathing human being with feelings and a life. That is pretty amazing! Quit moping around and make the most of this life, sorry it isn’t perfect, but guess what- nothing is! And no -ones life is! There is just a difference between the people who get that they are going to die and this is all there is and those who get all down about every negative thing that has ever happened to them. Some stuff is serious and the pain is no joke, and forget just saying “let go” and “move on” , we all know that doesn’t work and just makes you angrier with yourself because you can’t “let go”. The best we can do is accept and improve, and love the snot out of ourselves. Everyone grows at a different rate so don’t beat yourself up for not being perfect after meditating for a year.

Anyway, here’s a quick pep talk; you are here, you made it, your sperm cell won the race, your parents met each other, and theirs and theirs, think if your great great great great great grandmother didn’t feel like going to eat at that restaurant that one night, she may have never met your great great great great great grandfather. Get it? That is why we should live life to the fullest. Most people are filled with worry to the point that they never realize life is an amazing gift. It took me a long time to come to that realization. Look at dogs when they are on a walk, they are just existing, happy, if they could talk they would say, “hey! Look! This is sweet we are alive and walking!” they are just doing it, no qualms about it, not thinking about the past or what kinda bone they are going to chew later. Alright , you get it, rant over. Below are the ways to push yourself to grow and start to take life by the balls. It is a bumpy road of many doubts, ups and downs, but I guarantee if you follow these rules and stick to them, your mind will begin to re-wire itself and your life will change in unbelievable ways for the better.

1. Exercise

This is an obvious one, but SO essential. If you want to make any mental progress or change, challenging your body is a great way to start. Not only does exercise release a ton of endorphins and happy chemicals, it literally opens your mind to new thought patterns. There are tons of ways to do this as well, join a boxing gym, go surfing, go hike. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring gym routines and you can actually learn a lot of cool new things while exercising. I like to do boxing specifically and when the workout gets really tough I try to turn it into a meditation where I am witnessing the whole workout, including the pain. Try it out, go for a run and when you feel the pain kicking it just notice it, what does it feel like in your legs, lungs, and knees? What are your thoughts telling you? Why is this your limit? Pushing through that is a spiritual experience. A man in the Navy Seals went and ran a 135 mile marathon through the desert with no training: inspirational video here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyJ_hhninDw) , if that doesn’t show you the power of the mind over body, nothing will. You don’t need to go crazy but getting out of bed an hour before work to run or lift is a great habit to pick-up, I recommend 5 times a week of at least an hour of exercise.

2. Meditation

This is the best and most effective way to change your mind set. Meditation teaches you how your mind works and can be revealing to all the pain you are creating for yourself and ways you are trapping yourself into negative thought patterns. Meditation has changed my life dramatically. Meditation is an amazing practice to maintain, many give up on it because it can be frustrating and painful. I think this is so over-looked in meditation, with an idea of meditation being a peaceful and relaxing practice, it can be, and for most that is the ultimate goal, but to get there you have to go through some tough sessions, and just grind it out. You may get antsy, annoyed, frustrated and anxious, sit with it, experience it, witness it. Meditation is simple at its’ core, sit down and focus on your breath, I like to describe it like “If you were explaining to someone who has never breathed before (hypthetical) what would you be telling them it feels like?” So keep this focus on your breath and as your mind wanders to questioning what you are doing, thinking about tasks you need to do that day, simply notice that and bring it back to the breath. You do this over and over and over and over, it may sound tedious and it is, but the benefits are 1000 fold. How far can you go? How much can you handle and why is that too much? It is just you sitting on a mat in a room with yourself, why is it so tough? Check out the app Calm as a great introduction to meditation. I recommend starting with a 20 minute meditation session and working your way up from there.

3. Diet & Fasting

Another great way to challenge your mind for growth is to try fasting, and when you do eat, make sure it is healthy! Cut out processed food and sugar, it is so bad for you. Try to be mindful throughout the whole process, what does the hunger feel like, what kind of pain does it evoke? Is this discomfort going to kill you? (Big secret; it won’t!) We eat so much these days it is ridiculous, and quite frankly, disgusting. The meat, sugar and alcohol industries love to keep you hooked so they can keep their hands in your pockets. It is great to test them, and give them the middle finger. Obviously stay safe about it and don’t try to do “too much too soon”, know your limits, but I guarantee skipping breakfast here and there or only having 1 or 2 meals a day won’t kill you and will make you feel a whole lot better.

When you fast your body is able to cleanse itself and get rid of all the toxins that have been stored in there for years. When you are always eating, your body is always working to digest and absorb that food. Fasting gives your body a break, which in turns relaxes parts of your brain that are doing some of that work. This leaves more room for new ways of thinking, a stronger will, and a fresher, sharper mind.

Lastly, when fasting, there is an animal need that kicks in, your body and mind will start to worry it hasn’t had food at its’ normal time and will pump adrenaline into your system. This is a great opportunity for you, most people who fast and get over the initial hunger, report a experience of surges of energy and focus. This can be used to up your meditation, work or exercise game because the animal part of you will be riled up and quite literally hungry for more. I recommend beginning with an 8 hour fast window, which is eating for 8 hours a day and fasting for 16. My time window is Noon to 8PM where I usually have 2 meals.

4. Sexual Energy

Hm, okay, just hear me out on this one. Sexual energy is a very powerful force within both males and females. We are hardly *Cough(never)cough* taught about this in society for many manipulative reasons and ignorance but mastery of our sexual power is possibly the most valuable thing we can possess for self-growth. I am going to speak about 2 aspects of sex here and how it can be used to rewire your perspective.

  1. Cut Porn/Masturbation Out: This one is aimed more for the guys reading but can help females as well, it just tends to be more of a male issue. Let’s start with toxic sexuality first, this is mainly focused on pornography. Look, I understand this is a case by case situation, but for most men, especially young men, porn is bad for you. It creates a false reality and causes extreme amounts of depression, anxiety, and feelings of isolation in young men. Just check out R/NoFAP on Reddit or this YouTube video of Mantak Chia discussing the value of sexual transmutations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6gCM3rMDSY I could go on and on forever about this topic as it holds very dear to me, but non scientific research, aka, people just talking about their personal experience, has shown that cutting out porn from their lives was among the best things they have ever done for themselves. I have read some amazing stories of people overcoming mental illnesses just by simply cutting out pornography, and how angry they are that after years of therapy, medications, failed relationships, the answer was right in front of them, quit watching that poison! Porn releases tons of dopamine and acts on a very animal level of our brains, it can literally make the difference of looking at a sunset and seeing it’s beauty or wanting to stay inside all day instead and sulk. Also, when you cut out porn your brain literally begins to rewire itself for the better, go out there and get a real partner! When you are not watching porn or masturbating, you can literally use that energy and transmute it into other activities. The semen contains a powerful life force, which when retained, can literally transform your life
  2. Another way to rewire the brain in a healthy way is to have sex, but, here is the catch; sex that is meaningful, emotional, and creates a deep connection. This gets the endorphins pumping in your brain and can literally change your perspective on the world. If you are having good, healthy sex you begin to unwire negative thought patterns and just feel a whole lot better. If you are not the best in bed, check out some Youtube channels, I like this guy’s videos personally: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0yMj-s4r3ydlDtT9XlBUSw

Mastering your sexuality is a huge win in life and can literally change everything. A lot of people do not think about this too much but it is an energy force that has been used for thousands of years by some of the worlds greatest, Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, Queen Elizabeth I, Steve Jobs, Mohammad Ali, and thousands of other greats learned to master and manipulate their sexual energy to get ahead in life, and you can too!

5. Reading Books

I cannot even begin to emphasize the importance of reading books. If you were to replace your TV time with a book, it would change your life in so many positive ways. Think about it, when you are watching TV you are passive, your mind turns into a vegetable, it is doing the opposite of working. If you look at people watching TV they look like zombies. Why watch TV? Why look at someone else’s life on a screen when life is here right now in front of you!? Excessive TV usage has proven to increase depression, laziness and lack of motivation. It is truly a nasty addiction that society tells us is normal. When you pick up a book you are engaged, focused and using your brain actively. You can learn so much from books, a lifetime of someones’ experience in 100 pages! People who read books, literally think differently, their minds are sharper and they are more knowledgeable about things in life. You can argue that you can learn from TV, but it is not nearly as engaging as reading a book, something about reading really makes the information stick around and linger in your brain longer. Plus there is something so peaceful and relaxing about holding a paper back and laying on the couch to read before bed, it has been proven to give you higher quality sleep! So unplug from the screen for a bit and read up on something that interests you, I guarantee there is thousands of books on any topic you can imagine.

6. Yoga

Yoga is a practice that has been used for thousands of years in the East. Traditionally, to attain Enlightenment and transcend the self, but if that seems a bit out of reach, it has proven to lower anxiety, and increase feelings of peace and bliss. Yoga is a wonderful practice to get into your body and out of your mind, and in doing this, your mind frees up space for new, positive ways of thinking. Not only that, it is a great way to keep yourself flexible and in shape. Yoga is a form of meditation that is sweeping the west at an exciting pace, and more and more people are seeing that while it is a physical exercise the real benefits are in the psychological side of things. More peace, more bliss, less anxiety, less resistance. While there are many online resources to do Yoga at home, I recommend going to a class to get the real experience and instruction. I guarantee there are some Yoga studios near where you live, go give it a shot! I try to hit the Yoga studio at least 2 times a week.

7. Psychedelics

This one is a bit tough to sell, as it can be very scary to go and do something like LSD or Ayahuasca because you are literally handing over your trust and brain to some chemicals and hoping for the best. However, more and more research is showing that psychedelics can be beneficial in improving mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, OCD and even end of life fear of death. In Michael Pollans book “How To Change Your Mind”, he recalls thousands of cases in which psychedelics have been deemed a “miracle cure” for certain mental issues. But it is not just helpful for people with specific mental issues, psychedelics can help healthy individuals to reach their full potential. Many people in the tech industry in Silicon Valley are using psychedelics to increase creativity and focus, it is truly a miracle pill when used correctly. Psychedelics literally open up your mind and show you different ways of thinking, in doing this you can see these new pathways and follow them through afterwards. Through meditation and active conscious work you can keep these new pathways structured in the brain. I recommend starting very small and seeing how things go and then working up from there. Obviously safety is key and you want to make sure you are in a safe setting, around people you trust, with clean and pure psychedelics. Here is an awesome video on how to best use psychedelics by one of my favorite personal development coaches, Leo Gura: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuOIECQ5zag

This topic hits home for me as I have had some life changing experiences through Ayahuasca and Mushrooms. At first I was hesitant but after deciding to fully trust in these medicines I was able to surrender and they showed me a whole new way of living. My life has improved dramatically after doing these and I plan to continue using them for personal development. For the Ayahuasca, I went to a center in Iquitos, Peru called DreamGlade where they held very safe and respectable ceremonies, site here: https://www.dreamglade.com/. I highly recommend it.

So there you have it, my 7 top ways to re wire your brain for a healthier, happier and more present mind. If you adopt even 2 or 3 of these habits or tactics I guarantee it will change your life. It can be very hard to adapt new habits and frustrating when we don’t see immediate results, but if you are patient you can really change your life. Happiness and peace are always on the other side of struggle and fear so push through, you got this 🙂

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