My Personal (And Tested) List of Natural Ways to Reduce or Completely Heal Anxiety

I am almost to the point where I can say my anxiety is completely healed, things that used to throw me off into a tantrum of worry, rumination, and fear are laughable now. I know this is extremely valuable to experience and that is why I want to share my knowledge in hopes that it can help others. This is a completely subjective list based on my experiences. I can confirm that over the past 2 years of patience and self-work I have pretty much eliminated my anxiety, and it used to be BAD, but it is possible. Please consider my list for yourself.

One thing I wanted to do with this list was keep it NATURAL, I wholly believe that pharmaceuticals only mask symptoms and the anxiety still lingers in the background, waiting to come back at an even more intense and pissed off manner. They do not address the root cause and promote the necessary change and re-wiring to move past anxiety forever. While addressing the root cause of issues like anxiety and depression are not easy, they are worth it. Freedom from your mind is the most valuable thing you can attain. I do not want to make this sound like it will be easy, or some magic pill solution, this stuff is hard work and you have to really want it. You must plant the seeds of your bliss and nurture them daily before you can harvest the fruits, sometimes it will seem stupid, pointless and frustrating, but if you push through, good things will come.

Short Term Relief;

The following tools are for when you or a loved one are having an immediate issue with anxiety. Sometimes there are those days where you just wake up anxious, or a panic attack hits you out of nowhere, while these solutions will not fix the problem long-term, they can help to ease your discomfort and suffering in the moment.

Hypnosis Tapes for Calming down or sleep; Here is my favorite hypnotist, Michael Sealey;

Sex or Masturbation; Proven to help you relax and calm down.

Breath-Work; Check out the Wimhoff Breathing Method or Pranayama.

Going outside into nature or the sun, take a walk

CBD oil; I always keep some on me in case of emergency. Plant medicines are amazing! You can find great CBD oils on Amazon or at your local shops, just do some research first to find what works for you, and that it is not a scam!

Reading; just go somewhere quiet, get a good book and snuggle up in bed for an hour reading

Exercise; duh

Arts & Crafts; Paint something, draw, clear your mind.

Meditate; Sit for 20 minutes and just focus on your breath

Dancing; go in your bathroom turn of some tunes and go nuts

Piping Hot Showers: Proven to chill you and your body out

Long Term Healing

The following methods are what I used for anywhere from 6 months to 2 years time. They had profound impacts on healing my anxiety and re-shaping my mind to be happier, more positive and fearless. These were daily practices that I never skipped out on. If I was tired, angry, hungry , whatever, I made sure to do these things no matter what. I treated them like brushing my teeth, I just did it! This is exactly what I meant earlier when I said you have to harvest the seeds you plant to enjoy their fruits later.

Daily Affirmations for 7 months (proven time for affirmations to reach and seed the subconscious); “I am worry-free” “I am anxiety-free” “I am calm” “I am at peace” “I am in control of my emotions” Every morning tell yourself these things, trick here is, you have to do it every day.

Psychedelics; Working with Ayahuasca, MDMA, and Mushrooms helped me to re-wire my brain in ways unimaginable. Please be smart and safe about this one, do your research!

Long Term Meditation Practice; Make this a daily habit of at least 20 minutes of daily meditation. Do not get hung up on if you are doing it right, just do it. Look at it as if brushing your teeth, just do it every day, I guarantee it will change your life. Here is a helpful video to get started:

Learning to go into your anxiety; Feel it in your body, close your eyes, know you are safe physically and face your anxiety fearlessly. Feel it literally in your body, is it a tightness in your chest? A stuck feeling in your throat? A sinking of the heart? Maybe even a tightness or stress in the mind? Notice it, do not freak out at it or label it as “bad” or “pain” but rather go into it with an attitude of curiosity and courage. This will show your mind that you do not fear the anxiety and therefore it is not necessary to come up. It is a tough habit to form but a very powerful and empowering one.

Work with a therapist; CBT and Therapy can help in amazing ways, tackling anxiety alone is scary and tough.

Thanks for reading. I hope this list can help someone, you can do this, you are not your anxiety and you do have the power to change. Believe in yourself. This work is harder but trust me it pays off, nothing feels better than being anxiety free!

❤ ❤ ❤

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