Planting The Seeds of Your Life

In the mountains of Medellin, Colombia, I found myself sitting at my 7th Ayahuasca Ceremony. If you don’t know, Ayahuasca is a powerful hallucinogen used by indigenous tribes of the Amazon (Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil) as a healing medicine. It has been used for thousands of years and continues to expand its’ growth into the West as more and more people find that the stimulating, consuming, never-satisfied lifestyle in the West causing more depression, anxiety and poor mental health than ever. I will soon write an article on my Ayahuasca experiences as that is a huge story in and of itself, but now I would like to focus on a theme the Shamans presented to us at our ceremony.

It was our 3rd ceremony together, and every night we had a new “theme” to discuss before we drank the medicine. The first night it was “Sacredness”, the second, “Community” and the third, “Planting the Seeds”. As I looked around at the wise male and female shamans of this community my mind was expanded as they discussed the absolute importance of planting the seeds in your life which you want to work, harvest and grow.

Harvesting Your Crop, Letting It Grow

You must choose a crop that will be worth putting the time, effort, emotional pain, and creativity into. Think of something that will really satisfy you, I wouldn’t suggest planting a seed like money, more sex, etc as these things have proven time and time again to fade out and never fulfill. Once you have decided on a crop that you would like to see come to fruition in your life, it is more than possible to see that vision come to life, you just need to put in the work!

When planting your seeds they are going to take a while to fully grow. You can be working day in and day out, watering, feeding, and tending to your seeds before you see ANY results. This can be very frustrating especially when you are putting your whole soul into fulfilling a dream. I feel it all the time, after hours and hours of meditation, yoga, healthy eating, fasting, semen retention, whatever, I still find myself falling into old patterns that I thought I would have shed long ago. As discouraging as this process can be, of self-improvement and growth, one of the main keys is to remain patient. All things that are worked on will grow, your skills will improve and you will bear the fruits. It is easy to look at my meditation practice and see all the places I have not reached, I have not reached enlightenment, I have not stopped mental chatter, I have not overcome my negative thoughts and the pull of their energy. But I have a lot more peace, I have a lot less anger, I have more compassion and love, and I have more meaning and joy in my life. I also have days and moments of complete bliss, amazement, joy, and just an awesome buzzing aliveness within my body. This I can say whole-heartedly . And I have only been meditating for about 2 years, I can’t imagine where I will be in 5! Typically, these things also tend to have an increasing marginal return where the first few weeks are great, you get a “high” from it, then it plateaus. Then another 2 months later you get another peak, but then in plateaus again for another 3 months, etc. It’s actually going to make it all the more beautiful when you look back at all the despair, pain, and helplessness that you pushed through. Already this brings tears to my eyes.

Positive habits, reinforcement, love, energy (like the energy of the sun), will help to nurture and grow your seeds. You cannot grow your seeds in a bad environment, so if you are still watching porn, drinking all the time, eating shit food, it will be much harder for your seeds to grow. Healthy environment is your sun and soil! This is a delicate process.

Bad Seeds

Every day, every moment, you are planting seeds in your life whether you know it or not, some of these are very bad seeds. Even subtle things like negative thoughts, anger, anxiety, bad food, bad sleep, judgement, social media. These are also seeds, just like the good ones, that are growing and manifesting in your life. Unfortunately, in our society today we are raised with seeds that society and media and our parents plant in us and unknowingly grow them. Hence, the materialism, misery, and restlessness we see in our world today. The good news is just like bad weeds in the yard, these weeds can be cut down and diminished. It may not be easy, and will take more than a few “whacks”, but is possible. Bad seeds can also form as relationships with certain people that even if you like, they can be planting negative thoughts, emotions and unhealthy patterns within you.

Harvesting the Crop

Sometimes to maintain your crop you have to rip off old sheds of skin, wash off dirty areas, and pull weeds holding back the crop from growth. This is a beautiful metaphor as it translates very well into the environment you are planting your seeds in. If , for example, you are working to grow self-love, but are surrounded by things like Social Media, where you find yourself comparing yourself to others who live unrealistic (and usually fake portrayals) of life, this will act as a bug on your crop. If you are around people who are judgmental, critical and negative, this will act as weeds, holding your plant of self-love down from flourishing. Be conscious of your seeds environment and what is helping them to grow.

Bad Weather

Anytime we plant the seeds for our life, we must prepare for bad weather to possibly hit. Bad weather is basically the things and events that are going to harm, damage, and possibly even destroy our seeds. During events of bad weather we must be aware and conscious. A perfect example of this is if you are trying to plant a financial seed let’s say, so you can have enough money to take a year of travel. So everyday you plant these seeds by saving 10% more of your income and that saving goes to your travel budget. Out of nowhere you get into a car accident and it sets you back a couple grand. Now you must either start over or give up completely. This can be discouraging and sometimes life just throws shit at you. I have been working on things and sometimes I get a set back and it is like paddling out into the ocean and getting hit by never ending waves.

Get To Planting!

So that is the jist of it, now figure out what you want to manifest and put the proper time, energy and love into growing those seeds. This process is long, but will be very rewarding. Best of luck!

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